Product Line & History

A “Small Universe” of technology is being applied in many different friends.

The quartz crystal unit,it's evolution and specialization.

Application of quartz crystal have been spreading in various area which is similar to a straight river stream flowing into the ocean. Quartz crystal have become a key device in selecting and controlling the frequency in communication systems since the original discovery of Piezoelectricity and stable mechanical vibration in the late 19th century.

Presently, quartz crystals are being used in almost every application in electronics regardless of the industry or consumer use. There are many academic areas where quartz crystals need to be studied because they conceal endless possibilities, like a "small universe", or "gift from land" which can be used in numerous application.

"Possibility" - We get excited whenever we hear this word, because of challenges it offers us.
"Always be a leader in the cutting edge of society, and sharpening our know-how."
"Developing original technology that can be contributed to the society."

We at SUNLEAD are continue working hard with those slogans in mind.

Synthetic Quartz Bar - SiO2