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Our basic concept for customers and suppliers are world-wide. In the world-wide market, the better product become world-standard, regardless the product is being manufactured. Today, quality, on-time-delivery, wide variation of product lot size become key element for the reputation of the company. To operate under such new circumstances, we are continue maintaining "Needs Oriented" slogan in mind. In 1991, we introduced 2.8mm thickness 49U/S SMD, in 1994 we introduced 2.5mm SL-MC series and in 1997 we introduced 2.0mm SL-MG series. Our technical asset which was obtained during the development on those low profile products lead the announcement of 1.0mm SL-CP series.
We belive that the success of the development was attributed by our continued effort toward the "Needs Oriented" concept in our daily operation

49U/S-SMD is a popular version of SMD crystal in the industry. More than 200 million of 49U/S and 49U/-SMD crystals have produced from our factory. Low-profile type, Extra Low-profile type, and Pin-out compatible to Cylinder type are available in this package.  
  SL-M series is a 2.0mm height low-profile SMD crystal that is ideal for low frequency application below 5MHz. This package lead the quartz device industry since first introduction. Applications include PCMCIA, Portable phone, PDA where low-profile is prime importance.
49U/S is a basic package for strip-cut crystals. It provide wide range of applications. Base insulator
type and third lead type which improves the grounding effect to reduce the EMI/RFI (Electro-Magnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference).

  The SL-C series is the latest addition to our growing product family. The laser SEAM welded ceramic package reduces EMI/RFI while maintain long term and aging characteristics. This small and thin (1.0mm height) is ideal for card type and palmtop products where extra small property of the crystal unit is price importance in design.
The reliability test shares the important place in our operation. Important parameters such as mechanical strength, long-term performace, enviromental strength are obtained through the test.
Reliability & Failure Analysis Facility
Network Analyzer
Sanders Crystal Measurement System
Constant Temperature Oven
Helium leakage detector
Vibration tester
Shock Tester
Pressure Cooker
Metallurgical Microscope
Stereoscopic Microscope
X-Lay micro analyzer (EPMA)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Soft X-lay apparatus
Thermal Analysis apparatus (TG-DTA & DSC)