A new millennium has begun.

Toward a global standard.

The 20th century has brought us a lot of significant changes and rapid progress in many areas. These areas are not only in our life style and business but also extend to the concepts of life, principals in our work, and in our values.
SUNLEAD has seen a lot of diversification over time. The miniaturization and surface-mount technology of the quartz crystal is only a small part of our technical advancement.
Adoption of Internet and Intranet in our operations has significantly improved our relationship with our customers and suppliers. The evolution of international logistics makes the world-wide JIT system possible.
Since our establishment in 1974, we have adopted three business principles in our operations. They are "The customer is first", "Always contributing to society" and " Respecting each other".
The new millennium has begun, and this new era continues to present us with many new challenges in a new dimension with higher goals.
Today, "The customer is first." is a policy which can be measured by CS (Customer Satisfaction), the slogans "Always contributing to society." and "Respecting each other. " concepts which are now transforming the way we work.
Although the wording of our three principals has changed, we at SUNLEAD can be reassured that the meaning of these three basic principals has not changed, and we are continuing to make a great effort to incorporate these principals toward a global standard.
We look forward to being a company that stands in the niche and is unique with a brilliant future. We also look forward to a company that continues to aim at higher goals.

Takao Koyama,
President & CEO.