Production Process

Quality and reliability bridges to the future.

Automatic product test system for important parameters.

Scheduled microscopic analysis to monitor the product quality.

Automated SMD forming system

Fine tuning system

Consolidate flexible thinking and responding with customers flexibly.

Automated mounter

Ultrasound cleaning system

Automated seam welder

One of our important theme of the production is to produce the goods efficiently while maintaining quality and reliability of the products. We draw our production plan to meet the best and effective QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) target upon completion of the marketing and pilot production. Thus our production begins under the clear and obvious goal. To produce high quality products constantly, we are continue adopting full-automatic production and quality control system. Furthermore, we are continue improving on the work environment for the process that requires skilled or trained experts. Because we take each order as custom made, flexible production is possible for the adjustment of production in the variety kind of items, and it comes out completely to keep showing our originality even under cutting edge.