Quartz Crystals

From micro to macro...Endless possibilities.

Key technology that supports today's information society.

Quartz crystal unit have been involved with almost every essential area in electronics. The application include the timing clock for the portable-phone, GPS, computer, office equipment, car electronics, CD, DVD, and TV game etc.

Furthermore, a quartz crystal shares the important part in the Medical and Bio-technology instruments to Satellite communication and Radio telescope controller to research the universe. Unquestionably the quartz crystal support the daily life in micro to macro applications.

Expansion of the usage on the quartz crystals has brought various requirement to the quartz device design. Those requirements are not only for the reliability and accuracy, but also for the operation under low power circuitry while withstanding server operating environment.

We at SUNLEAD are clearly focusing our design goal to catch today's rapid and growing market needs.

Quartz crystal is an essential device for almost all computers.

Potential application in automobile include the control system, navigation,
traffic-information-system, and many others.

The radio communication is the first application in the quartz crystal history.